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The founder of the Group, Evangelos Aretakis, undertakes the first privately owned EKO gas station in the area of Aspropyrgos.

The company acquires and operates the second in a row EKO gas station in the area of Haidari.



Aretaki Group undertakes the management and operation of SEA in Attiki Odos in collaboration with EKO.

With a disposition for new challenges, the group enters the field of real estate with the object of activity: leasing, purchase - sale of real estate, as well as the general management.



ARETAKIS SA, a company of the Group, undertakes ManagementConsulting on behalf of EKO, in the management of the largest stations on the national roads of Southern Greece.

With a continuous dynamic presence for about 20 years, it continues to maintain a leading position in the field of fuel, in constant cooperation with EKO, having the management and operation of 11 service stations in the Prefecture of Attica.



Undertakes the management of Eurogreco FHW-LTD, one of the largest transport companies in the field of fuel.

The current Euroneon SA is established, which, as an official agent of EKO SA, holds an important position in the wholesale sale and transportation of fuels.



With the same zeal and vision, we are by your side and we continue ...

Evangelos Aretakis

Founder of the Group, President and CEO,
has been active for 3 decades in the field of fuel and
Its name is synonymous with warranty, reliability, security

and professionalism.
Always anxious, with vision and innovative ideas, he goes on and on
today to seize every opportunity, consistently, without however
moves away from its basic principle, the human factor.
As he often says:
"... Our beginning and main concern was and always is the human
Our staff, all those employees and partners of our company, who take care of the excellent service of our customers every day. With continuous
information and training, we will always be ready and willing to
face any challenge ... ".

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